I don’t do Community Guilt/ Living a Facade.

So by now everyone in Nigeria and their mother is aware of the ‘scandal’ one of our more established actresses decided to get embroiled in? No? Well, the dear lady for reasons best known to her decided it was a good idea to post a picture of her two new dogs on instagram.



vllkyt56e4v982fnf-31d98a0eUT as it turns out, an American reality star (The real housewives of Atlanta) earlier posted the picture of the same dogs. oh No!!! Apparently, dear Oge tried to pass off the puppies as hers. Naughty Oge.


When will they learn that Africa IS NOT A FREAKING COUNTRY!!!! I am beginning to think the stupidity of anyone (in this google era), tagging everyone as African instead of their respective countries is deliberate. I digress

So everyone and brother Fatai have dragged Oge up, down, over, under and sideways on Social media. it is very sad  and entertaining to read. What i don’t get is the group of people who rant that she has disgraced all of Nigeria; she has shamed us all. I am like (eye brows raised) ‘how e consign me?’ (Translation- She didn’t hame me)  I don’t remember her being named the ambassador for all Nigerians. I even had a Nigerian friend who has been in America for years and conveniently forgotten that she a Nigerian too, buzz me to laugh on how Oge has disgraced ‘ you  people’. My simple response was ‘ Well, Trump is your president” BOOM!


On a serious note, I can not understand why i should feel community guilt for the actions of any stranger just because she is from the same country or state as me. Family, i can understand to a limit and immediate family to boot. But I am not responsible for the actions of anyone. I refuse to feel any personal shame for the actions of anyone whether or not the person is from my country, state or religion. I don’t do community guilt.

But seriously Oge, what were you thinking? Were you thinking? If you don’t have cute dogs, you don’t have cute dogs. Why bother to create a public facade that is very easy to unravel, knowing fully well that Nigerians have NO CHILL AT ALL. You subjected a career that took you years in the making over a silly need to show off. I don’t understand. She has deleted the picture and has been acting so unbothered in the new pictures posted. Trust Nigerians to travel picture to picture throwing shade. E don do ooooo.

Here is praying that she pulls off a Kim Kardashian and come out shining like a rose in the future.

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  1. NaijaBrit88 says:

    Great post. Unfortunately, people are too quick to shame others on the internet especially for small things. Apparently that was the picture sent to her by the people she was meant to buy the dogs from. It may have been fraud.

    The way people went after her was too much like there aren’t bigger things to deal with.

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