‘ Your sense is like your face, bloated and edited with too much contour”

Bear with me folks.

no excuses.

If there was an award for the worst blogger in the history of blogging, there would be no award ceremony because I would be the only nominee and recipient. So I am going to try something my lazy self has never attempted before. I am going to post something for every day in December. Yep!

There has been so many issues that I have wanted to address happening all year-long but the demon of writer’s block had locked me in a cage of nothingness. However, it has come to an end today….hopefully.

So hopefully for the next month, I will do my best to entertain, enrage (….in  this era of the easily offended, my views are sure to enrage someone…it is OK…..i care…) and inspire you with a range of diverse social issues and any random stuffs that pops into this brain.

Back to the headline

‘ Your sense is like your face, bloated and edited with too much contour”(some random person called me that on Instagram this week. Apparently he did not agree with some random issue that was being debated and his anonymous self decided that this girl no get sense. That is the funny insult I have received in a long while. I don’t know if  I should be offended but it was freaking hilarious, plus I was not using contour so it is also kind of compliment that my face looks naturally contoured.)

So there we have it. One  Article for every day of the week. This counts as ONE.

So the yab was based off this picture. Nigerians have really embraced the savagery yabbing as part of our ‘culture’. Even me dey laff myself. #teambloated #contourfree


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