Always the bridesmaid, then the bride and now the Wedding Planner

My sister has always had a connection with wedding. Right from when she was little, she was the one who was always the little bride and she grew older, she become the go to bridesmaid for every body…….and I mean everybody…….. from her friends to random cousins that we have never even met. I wrote about it here.

Fast forward a couple of years, she became a bride of her own. She ended up planning it herself and seems to have found her calling. She decided to become a wedding planner. I asked her  ‘You should be happy that with becoming a wife and now a mummy, your days of being a bridesmaid on demand is over, you now want to go further into the complex, headache inducing, voice losing, aunties hijacking caterers, souvenir fighting world of Nigerian Weddings’. Her response “yep”

Well, I am happy to report that she did. She followed her dreams and set up her own wedding planning company. I know a celebrity.


She has already pulled off successful bridal showers and weddings. Who would have thought the bridesmaid specialist would turn out to be a wedding planner.  Be open minded. You never know where your career path might lead you. And yeah, Patronise my Sister.

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