Follow your own path

I remember when he first announced to us that he was going to study medicine. We were very young… I think I was 14 then. I vehemently kicked against it because i thought he was too ‘playful and un-serious’ to be a doctor and believed that our mother was behind the push …having a doctor son-. My disbelief in his ability must have hurt his feeling back then.

Well, he got in for medicine. I was initially worried that he would flunk out like hundreds usually do in the first year but he did good. The playful boy turned out to be quite the medical scholar. I recall when he decided to run for social secretary  in the School Medical Students Association (or was it is over 13 years…my memory is a little hazy). I implored all my friends studying medicine to vote for him. My roommate, who was also his classmate, went for the final campaign debate and came back to tell me he was not likely to going to win. While she was going to vote for him and he was the more popular candidate, his opponent spoke better and received a standing ovation. Darn!! Needless to say, he lost.

That did not stop him though. He ran again the following year for the same position and this time, he won. I really did not get to follow his career  because I graduated and left. He went on to be vice president of the association and later president. The playful un-serious student has grown into the  savvy charismatic playful politician doctor.

Fast forward to present day, he is set to become the President of Resident Doctors in the state where he is doing his residency and he is only a third year resident. who would have thought. I am so proud of him, my brother.


Morale of this tale, don’t let anyone discourage you. You do what your heart says. Family is not always right. Imagine if he had listened to me….. Really, no one should listen to me (except when I am right which is most of the time). Choose your own path. Cheers

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