Rest Well Shashi Kapoor

When I read online about the passing of Shashi Kapoor, I felt a profound sadness. I am not sure why. He was by no means my favourite actor but he was a part of my childhood (Hindi Movies were a staple of Nigerian homes in the 80s and 90s and some of us… specifically……still watch till date). With the dawn of the internet, I had done massive research on all the superstars of my childhood.

shashiHe was a good looking man


It warmed my heart to see that he was such a versatile actor who starred in English, American and British movies. It broke my heart that after his wife died in the 80s, he never remarried because no one could ever replace her. All the tributes to him seem to suggest that he was a gentleman on and off the set and I never found any article of any scandal he was involved in ( I checked…the internet destroyed a lot of my ‘perfect hindi stars’ perception but i got no dirt on him)

So Rest in Peace to the gentleman actor. He was 79. The last of the 1st generation of the Kapoor dynasty. sigh.



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  1. Ushnish Chowdhury says:

    Nice post, would you kindly look at the 4 line poem written dedicated to the legend

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