Just When I Think I have heard it all….

In a country like mine.

it is easy to get jaded

Corruption is so deep and bad governance is so common place

President is ill. Spends 3 months in a London Hospital

Spent billions in building a state of the art hospital in the capital

Apparently, that is not good enough for the president

No No. To the London he goes

And then there are the governors

Our oh so wonderful governors

Generate funds for their state…Nah

Federal Allowance is just dandy….

Squander the allowance… Bailout!!!!

Still squander the Bailout and owe salaries and pensions

Just another Saturday in Nigeria

It is easy to get Jaded

But the Governor of Imo state … Okorocha

He is a class act……. He really is.

Builds statues worth 500 million Naira for foreign leaders before their own countries does…check

Owes Pension and Government workers salaries….check

Deplorable Roads….check check

But the act of appointing his SISTER as commissioner for happiness and couples’ fulfillment is beyond what my little brain can comprehend

Let me repeat it. His sister is the Commission of HAPPINESS and COUPLES’ FULFILLMENT.

His Son-in-law is the Chief of Staff

His wife is the Chairman of Imo Amnesty Committee

His father-in-law is  the current Minister of State for Education

He is a democratically elected governor and has presidential ambition

It is a family Business

What words can One possibly say?  

Just when I think I have heard it all……..


P.S After the black lash, he has edited the title to Commissioner of Happiness and Purpose’s fulfillment. Yea. that makes it way better

what d fuckw

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ushnish says:

    Bold words my friend. Giving me courage as well.

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