It is the little things….

A while back, I was in Nigeria. I went to see my mother. It was hot and I was grumpy. My folks have decided to issue a cold war with door bells because they refuse to install them. So there I was, grumpy and angry, waiting for my mum to pick my call and open the gate when two young boys approached.

“Excuse me ma, please our transport money is short. Can you add 50 naira?

I like to give out money to crippled beggars and children (I generally ignored able bodied people, unless they have kids). It is something I have always done. So, even in my angry state, I handed over 500 naira and waved them away, still on the phone. I was startled when the little one gave me a hug and said thank you ma. The older one also thanked me and as they walked away, I heard the little one ask if they could get something to eat now.

Honestly, that was one of the best moment of my year. My mum eventually came to the gate and met me smiling. There was this lightness in my soul for doing that little good deed. 500 naira is a measly amount of money but for those kids, it meant the difference between trekking home and getting food. I always feel deep regret that it didn’t occur to me to offer them more or at least find out their situation, but generally the memory still makes me smile.

I could have used that money for some stupid insignificant thing and forgotten about it. Instead that little amount gives me a sense of joy that I was able to be of help to those kids. Imagine if the door bell worked and my mum had answered the call and opened the door early.

Truly, it is the little things that gives us the most pleasure. Make a difference in a life today.

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