The Wedding Party 2 theme Controversy. Is it really that serious??

So the premiere of the sequel to the highest grossing movie (allegedly), the Wedding Party 2 dropped yesterday. All the creme de la creme of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry were at the red carpet.. it looked like an award show. Anyways, since the bulk of the movie was shot in Dubai, the theme of the event was to dress Arabian. Let’s just say some folks completely missed the memo.

Needless to say, Social media has been discussing and ‘debating’ some of the celebrities’ choices. Some even went as far as accusing them of Culture Appropriation (People. This is a THEMED premiere. That you see a term be used, please research it and be sure it fits into your scenario before using it in public).

That being said, it smacks of cultural ignorance not to be able to differentiate between Arab outfits and Indian. It is really not that hard. If Indian outfits are allowed, then don’t tag the event as Arabian themed. It has caused the ladies unnecessary scrutiny from online fashion police basing them for not doing their research. As a person who gets irked when people speak of Africa as if it is one country, I can somewhat understand the irritation when celebrities don’t do their homework.

However, it is a party. It is not that serious. The ladies all look gorgeous and they had a good time. This will be yesterday news by tomorrow.

So what do you think? Culture Appropriation, Culture Ignorance and it does not matter? Share your thoughts.

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