A taste of Macabre- My Zombie Obsession

What is it with me and Zombies

I cannot define it.

I cannot watch zombie movies anymore

It is sure to give me nightmares.

Yet I read every zombie novels out there.

It is great.

Came across some great books in the past year.

From the great World war Z, to the Rot and Ruin (i prefer to call it the Benny Imura) series, The forest of hands and teeth series and many many more.

Jonathan Mayberry has joined the list of Stephen King and Dean Kootnz for me. Not sure how I feel about John Saul.

The darker the book, the more engrossed I get.

I think I have a taste for Macabre.

Why else will I read Zombie books and not be able to watch Zombie movies

Why do I spend hours reading on wars?

It is weird. And I don’t like dark TV shows.

The other day, I was looking at my windows and thought how easy Zombies could get into my house.

I was at a very crowded mall today and thought if Zombies were to strike, what can I arm myself with?

I am weird.

Retiring now with a Classic…Plague of the dead.

I am going to read as many zombie books before the year is over

And move to another less macabre hobby in 2018….Maybe….

P.S Fast zombies don’t count. Fast zombies is cheating. Just Saying


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