There are days where I am able to create contents bam bada boom and there are other days where it seems like I will not be able to make my every day target and then an epiphany happens.

So, the world has gone crazy. We already know that. Things that used to be taboo or immoral is taken as the norm. Everyone is ‘YOLO’ ing and common sense is not so common anymore. Common sense is extremely rare. I write this because I cannot fathom a reason why this would exist.


I saw this a while back and I could not believe this. Why would anybody want to be known as a side chick? A girl not good enough to be known as the girlfriend or the wife? (Lets me clear. A girl who is unaware that the gy she is with, is married or in a serious relationship is NOT a side chic. To me, a side chic has to be aware that the other lady exists and still goes ahead anyways). I know there has always been men cheating with other women while married or with serious girlfriends since time immemorial  but these women (side-chicks or mistresses), whether blinded by love, lust or money, didn’t go around flaunting their status. There was absolutely nothing ok about being known as the other woman.

Now , these side chicks are getting a platform. I don’t get it. What is the show going to show us? That these women have valid reasons for being with men who have significant others or just the standard reality show drama amongst themselves. I have seen and read cases of the side chicks reaching out to the wives and girlfriends and it simply irks me. I am a strong advocate of a woman doling it out with the cheating boyfriend or husband because he is the one who owes an obligation and has made a pledge to her, but there should be some kind of girl code, where  a woman would have empathy for the woman being cheated and/or imagine herself or her future daughter in the woman’s shoes.

I read that this may be shown on Netflix. I truly hope that is a bad joke. It better be.



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