BeeBee’s first Cultural Day Celebration

Having my only kid away from me was the toughest decision I have ever made. It is a decision I question all the time. I have flown to Nigeria twice to see her in a span of three months and I will go again soon. I know it is believed to be for her own good, to give her a sense of culture and exposure and ‘toughen’ her up, but my mummy brain cannot wrap around any of that. All it knows is there is no baby waking up in the middle of the night to come and cuddle with her… sigh…

Anyways, Beebee had her first cultural day event in her school. There, everyone got to wear the outfit of their tribe. So she wore that of her daddy (Hopefully next year, they will let her wear mummy’s)  Although it makes me sad not to be the one to assemble her outfit for her first cultural day, I am very excited that she got to experience that. She wore a lot of costumes when she was in School in Qatar, ranging from farmer to Disney princess, but it is nice to see her rocking Nigerian costumes.


Beebee with her classmates.



10 days to Beebee day

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