I remember back in June I received a panicky call from the husband. He asked that I quickly go stock up the house. That Saudi, UAE,  Bahrain and Egypt had cut ties with Qatar. Then, a huge percent of our perishable items were ordered from Saudi and UAE and it was Ramadan. So he feared mass hysteria shopping. I quickly rushed to shop.

The rest of the month was filled with trepidation and worry. Was there going to be a war? Was there going to be food shortages? Do we need to get ready to go back home? Honestly, the swiftness in which the Qatar government got new suppliers, empowered and boosted local production was amazing They even imported cows and calves. They avoided aggressive and confrontational rhetoric and encouraged the people not to do same. This is a country that puts its people first. The people and its expats responded with overwhelming support and love that it was impossible not to develop an affection for the country.

Although I have a very soft spot for Bahrain and always will, I have to celebrate with this lovely kingdom I call home. There is a lot of misconceptions, justified and or, about the Middle East but I have personally found the people easy going and private….except on the National day. It was a joy to see the Qataris let loose with flags and parades and planes flying everywhere and the best part….the DISCOUNTS!!!! Best time to shop.

Enjoying a discounted (yipee!) Strawberry Tirasimu at the luxurious Double Tree Hotel with the husband channeling his ‘I am a Delta big boy’ look. (Rich people from the Delta region in Nigeria tend to wear such hats)

Happy National Day Qatar

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  1. Ushnish says:

    Happy National Day

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