Keep it Professional

I stumbled upon a post earlier.

A woman quit her job because her boss always addressed as ‘sweetie’

Surprisingly, a lot of people dismissed her complaints

That she only quit because she has other options.

That being called ‘Sweetie’ is not gender discrimination

That ‘Feminists’ are at it again.

Honestly, the comments made me cringe

It took me back to my work days in Nigeria.

There was this staff that insisted on calling me ‘Baby’

On several occasions, I mentioned over and over that I didn’t like it.

Until the day I snapped and threatened to go to upper management.

He spoke fraternizing with me

Some of my colleagues thought I over reacted

Others understood. 

We have normalized calling women terms of endearment like dearie, baby, sweetie, sweetheart and the cringe worthy ‘angel’

We may tolerate it because we cannot fight with everybody.

But in the workplace, it is downright disrespectful

No matter the intention behind it. 

As long as the men are not being called sexy boy or stud or baby

Please refrain from calling women in the workplace such terms

It is a professional environment

Your intentions, not withstanding

Keep it professional


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