New Year Goals ….Maybe….

I know a lot of us do this every year

Make a bunch of resolutions and forget it by January 31st.

I probably most likely won’t do half of the list

But I am going to have a lot of fun pretending to try.


Baby/ Babies- Beebee is four now. She needs a sibling. My Ovaries are screaming. So 2018 better equal babies.


Weight loss -This year was a total wash for me in terms of fitness. I am not sure what \i am doing wrong or if my metabolism has taken a vacation because i could not do anything right in that regard. Here is to figuring out what works for me in 2018, while also gaining baby weight.


Zombie Novels – I read a lot of zombie novels and I mean a lot. Time to get over myself and just watch a darned zombie movie or get rid of the whole genre all together and move on to something cooler…like werewolves or fairies….


Play Fewer Games – Come 2018………………………nahhhhh


Be more Focused– I could say I would be but I am pretty sure that is not going to happen


Be Fairer, Be Kinder – Honestly, I am already pretty amazing , so I am not really sure if there is a margin for improvement.

Seriously though, I don’t like to make goals. I am sure it has worked out for many but all I truly want is a healthy family, a sense of contentment and happiness, no deaths or sickness and people be generally nicer to one another.

Happy New Year Eve.

last selfie of 2017

IMG_20171231_215309 (1)

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