I don’t do Community Guilt/ Living a Facade.

So by now everyone in Nigeria and their mother is aware of the ‘scandal’ one of our more established actresses decided to get embroiled in? No? Well, the dear lady for reasons best known to her decided it was a good idea to post a picture of her two new dogs on instagram.



vllkyt56e4v982fnf-31d98a0eUT as it turns out, an American reality star (The real housewives of Atlanta) earlier posted the picture of the same dogs. oh No!!! Apparently, dear Oge tried to pass off the puppies as hers. Naughty Oge. Continue reading

While I was away

20170222_081903Been two years since I posted.

Two Freaking YEARS


Trump is the President of the United States

I did not see that happening.

Moved to Qatar

Working 6 days a week….Yeah i know. 6 days!!!!

Still on baby one. or should i say toddler/ mama lips puller one

Still on hubby one too…In this era, that’s important to mention

Gained 25 kg. I know . I suck.

Turned 31. No more video games . sigh. Old age

My sister became a mummy.

Became an Instagram Addict.

All in all. I am living a good life

Trump is the President of the United States

HERA PEREIRA IS TWO YEARS OLD…… and only 104 posts young…..Yeah I deserve sweetchin music

Hello I am Hera (chorus – Hi Hera)…. I am a terrible blogger…….

I must have left down a lot of my readers. Who can blame them? My inconsistency is disgraceful…… If there was a blogging association, I will have been expelled and thrown in a dungeon filled with miniature kaijuns (yeah, I just watched Pacific Rim…..I really liked it……)

ok…Two years….My baby blog. I never did let you mature and reach your full potential. I goofed big time….but I took out time to do something special for you. I contacted some of the people who wrote to you and shared their life with you to see how they were doing. Didnt get through to all but the ones that responded…..boy have I gotten some juicy tales for you……

Happy two-year anniversary to me…..sigh…..I am a terrible blogger…..


SWEET CHIN MUSICsweet chin music property of WWE

It is the season of politics……….tra la la la la la

Fellow Blogger- Aisha , na wa for you ooo
Me- huh? what did I do…..this time?
Fellow Blogger- I have not seen anything meaningful on your blog
Me -(affronted) Hey!!!
Fellow Blogger- You ought to be creating awareness about the forthcoming election and encouraging people to vote…………….
Me- oh….that kind of meaningful???hmmmmmm………………………then nope, I have not seen anything meaningful in MY blog either……..(askor)

The holidays have come and gone and the air is filled with the ‘excitement’ than only an election can bring. 75 percent of my Facebook friends have their status supporting or denouncing the presidential candidate… the incumbent GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan and the opposition running for the 3rd….4th time? General Muhammed Buhari. People ask me why I am not actively involved……

Define actively involved? I follow all the news, all the accusations and cross accusations. I have my voter card and I fully intend to vote. However, I have serious reservation about both candidates. The incumbent seems to have made things worse and the only serious opposition is a man with a checkered history who should have allowed someone younger and with more general goodwill run. So no, I am not going to campaign for any of them. My blog is not political…..or religious as my views are not usually mainstream….but I will vote. I have my eye on one professor lady of Kowa Party. I don’t know her name……She will definitely lose, but hey, she gets one more vote from me……

So sorry if my blog is not meaningful enough for you because I am not campaigning (askor). But I will encourage people to vote. That way, when you begin to complain about your leaders in the future, i will grant you a listening ear. Nothing is more annoying than someone who could vote but chooses not to, yet finds the time to complain about everything the government does……

It is my Birthday!!!!!

I was this close to allowing the day pass without a post. pheww. Exhausted beyond reason. my madam is not feeling too good. As a result, any idea or thought of celebration was abandoned. I am still happy though. She is feeling loads better.

So it is the last year of my 20s. How on earth did i allow that happen? How did I get so old? In my head, i am still a jolly 21. it’s still good. Even though i complain…..a lot, I really do love my life. I have great people who made me feel really special today. So while i intend to whine….. a lot about how I about to be 30(its my blog…I can whine as much as i like #tonugeout), I am thankful that I am older and wiser….ok maybe just older.

So there it is, i intend to play as much video games as i can this year… This is my last year of irresponsibility. I can’t imagine being 30 and still into video games. Nah. That’s the time for the knitting needles to come out (yeah i know its 30, not 70, but it feels the same)




The Last day of 2014

An hour ago, I walked into my sister in law’s room. Fireworks and bangers were on her bed. She was all dressed in black. I was confused. She was getting ready for the New Year fireworks. Apparently, it is a tradition for her. The weird thing……I have been complaining to her ALL DAY how noisy it will be at 12 a.m….how the noise will interrupt me and my Beebee’s sleep. I complained ALL DAY, only to find her to be part of the conspiracy to ruin my beautiful sleep. Continue reading

Merry Birthday to My BEEBEE

It is a year already
And what a year it has been
It is only fitting that my 100th post is dedicated to my boss, my madam , my beebee
Christmas day as a child used to be all about the hampers,
Then later about which neighbor would bring Christmas rice after eating our sallah rice,
Then hoping I don’t get too much broadcast messages……
For the first time Christmas day is truly special to me as it is the day my baby was born.
My little Beebee, my angel, my orobo bobo, the one destined to raise my BP before 30.
I love you so much. You are totally amazing and a blessing to me.
Here is to a merry birthday to my Mariam Nabeeha Oluwatofumni Pereira.


2cpy (1)



Many more years

The Trials of Fatimah- the struggles of an orobo Part 6

Sorry, I had to pause the story for a while. Some wise guy was posting my story on his blog under the title “The fat diaries of kike’ (not a bad title). So I patiently put it on hold so and I cheerfully waited to see what he would post next. His readers were on his case anxiously awaiting the next episode. I kept commenting asking for the next episode on every single article he posted (I think i have a slightly sadistic side. hehehe). Anyways, I am bored with that now, so i am going to continue. I realise it is hard to control content on the web, so i am not going to make a big deal about it………..yet) Meanwhile 99th Posts. HUrrraaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading

The bridesmaid specialist is now the bride

Hello people. Remember I posted an article a lifetime ago about how my sister was always asked to be a bridesmaid and I never was…..almost never was. read that HERE . I am excited to announce that the bridesmaid specialist is now the bride.. hurray. This weekend, a wise wise young guy took another of the Idrisu girl as a wife. (We Idrisu girls are very special with a heart of gold…. though I like to think that mine is more of titanium mixed with a little platinum with just a hint of………..what was I again?)

Ahaaa the wedding….Thanks to our relocation which was very timely, I was able to attend the ceremony. Considering how vain I am, I was determined to look fabulous to all the aunties and uncles who had not seen me in years. I have worked relatively hard all year to lose the baby weight and I was a few kg shy of my ultimate goal but alas! I try if I do say so myself. Continue reading