Rant- Leave Pregnant Women Alone!!!!!!

I came across this article on Yahoo that made me angry. It turns out that Cozy Belly is selling some new pregnancy shape wear for pregnant women. This is not some gear like Belly Band that helps pregnant woman who need the abdominal support to reduce back pain. No No….In Cozy Belly’s own words

“For pregnant women who want to gain a little extra control over the shape of their body, we offer pregnancy shapewear. If you want to cover up some of those extra pounds, for instance, we offer stomach shapers and slimming body suits.”

Are you Kidding me? Women are ALREADY subjected to a stereotype perfect body image and now the ONE time that they can let go and be free, the ONE time that they can eat whatever they like (within reason, baby safety first. no one should gain too much during pregnancy), you are trying to tell them to be self-conscious of their body. You are trying to tell them that the extra pounds that they gained which is a natural part of being pregnant is unsightly and should be hidden under spanxs, body magic, body shapers, whatever!!! What is wrong with this world? It is bad enough that women feel the need to look perfect in dresses they wear on a daily basis by using tightening undergarments (I will not lie. I do have two), but to ask pregnant women to do same is ridiculous. To even suggest that any pregnant woman would need to ‘cover up some of those extra pounds’ is the most annoying thing I have read this month (and I read a lot of annoying things)

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